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2011 Artists: Kathy Brusnighan, Jean Smith, Karen Newman Fridy, Phyllis Sharpe, Tom Edgerton, Scott Harris, Carol Hamlin, Vicki Johnson, Carol Meetz-Moates, Connie Logan, Jeanne Twilley, Alice Bachman,Rose Wenkle, Beverly Smith Wilson, Amos Westmoreland, Ron Curlee

2015 Artists: Kathy Brusnighan, Jean Smith, Phyllis, Karen newman Fridy, Vicki Johnson, Carol Meetz-Moates, Amos Westmoreland, Amy Cruz, Karl Fletcher, Nicci Mellor, Grace Carol Bomer, Pattie Anne Hale, Karen Shelton, Jeremy Sams, Sally Lambrecht, Wayne Epperly, Chip Bristol, Lee O'Hare, Sheila Williams, Carrie Bennett, Kathy Ammon

Thursday, January 19, 2012

She is ALL TOGETHER lovely!

Yesterday was an awesome day!  It marked the first time that the entire "How do you paint Courage?" exhibit has hung in a venue since it was released in September of 2011. The exhibit has been in several wonderful spaces and has had a great response, but due to size, has not been complete until now.
 It took the efforts of an amazing team, Vicki Johnson, Phyllis Sharpe and Jean Smith, to pull off this move!  Packing, protecting, driving and delivering pieces from Greensboro and Asheboro in the morning and arriving at the Forsyth Cancer Center in Winston Salem in the afternoon, only then to unpack and find homes for each piece in the halls and rooms of the hospital.

This was a new experience for us and such a pleasure, as Sharon Murphy, the Vice President of Oncology Services, invited her team of health care specialists to come and choose a piece of art that would hang in their area.  Each group came in and carefully picked something that they felt would encourage their patients. It was very endearing to see the thought and care as each group considered the message and the painting that they would be sharing their space with for the next 3 months.

Large pieces were chosen for the dressing rooms and treatment areas. The wonderful painting by Scott Harris was placed in the Men's dressing area and Cathy's Story by Jean Smith was placed in the Women's dressing area, where all could have the time to read the message that went with each painting...

The large landscapes by Carol Moates and Amos Westmoreland were picked for the Treatment Rooms while the staff and the patients oooed and ahhed over the beautiful baby's face in the painting by Carol Hamlin.

I can not image being anywhere other than in the middle of this process. The comments and the appreciation by staff and community have been wonderful and make this project worth every long day and every sore muscle. The friendship and teamwork of my friends that have been faithful to carry the weight of responsibility with me always warms my heart and gives me lots to be thankful for.
Now we begin the next phase of paintings for spring that will be added to this show.....I think we are going to end up with a caravan, but the teamwork makes it so much fun!


  1. So glad to be alive in a day where creativity is utilized to bring hope to the hurting. You are truly bringing heaven to earth.

    1. Thank you....this exhibit has really brought new meaning to my creative process and has affected some of the participating artists in the same way....as I quickly asked the Father to position angels in the hallway, I am trusting the Love of God to be poured out over the people that walk through the spaces and believing for encounters!

  2. I'm so sorry I wasn't able to help this time! Thanks to y'all for getting it done...no small task!! I know it will be a blessing to many, many people.

  3. Thank you Karen! your support has been amazing and your time will come! Baptist and Yadkin Cultural Center are next and I know you will be in the middle of making that happen!