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2011 Artists: Kathy Brusnighan, Jean Smith, Karen Newman Fridy, Phyllis Sharpe, Tom Edgerton, Scott Harris, Carol Hamlin, Vicki Johnson, Carol Meetz-Moates, Connie Logan, Jeanne Twilley, Alice Bachman,Rose Wenkle, Beverly Smith Wilson, Amos Westmoreland, Ron Curlee

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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Last Venue

Hi All!

It seems like forever since I have been able to post, but so much is happening!  We have opened the new Gallery 320 at CenterCityChurch and that was such a success.  The Courage exhibit has been moved to the final venue which is the Center for Creative Leadership here in Greensboro.
As many of you know, the final exhibit has additional pieces added and will total 57 beautiful pieces of art. I have been there twice and the show is stunning.  Such an amazing group of artists and the thread that runs thru the entire show is obvious.

I am hoping that many will come and see this beautiful exhibit before it comes down in November. The opening is Aug. 31st from 5-7pm and after that it will be seen by appointment.
Now, do we plan for a new show? every venue has asked us to do this again....what do you think?


  1. I would totally expect your complete support and with the faithful few that walked through every step I am willing too!