2011 Artists

2011 Artists: Kathy Brusnighan, Jean Smith, Karen Newman Fridy, Phyllis Sharpe, Tom Edgerton, Scott Harris, Carol Hamlin, Vicki Johnson, Carol Meetz-Moates, Connie Logan, Jeanne Twilley, Alice Bachman,Rose Wenkle, Beverly Smith Wilson, Amos Westmoreland, Ron Curlee

2015 Artists: Kathy Brusnighan, Jean Smith, Phyllis, Karen newman Fridy, Vicki Johnson, Carol Meetz-Moates, Amos Westmoreland, Amy Cruz, Karl Fletcher, Nicci Mellor, Grace Carol Bomer, Pattie Anne Hale, Karen Shelton, Jeremy Sams, Sally Lambrecht, Wayne Epperly, Chip Bristol, Lee O'Hare, Sheila Williams, Carrie Bennett, Kathy Ammon

Friday, February 24, 2012

New Art

I am excited...several of the artists have finished their next piece and have sent me photos of what is coming. I did not think we could do better than our first whole hearted stab at this question, but some of the new pieces are just amazing....and in a new vein...and that makes me happy.

Because of my initial invitation, I began this journey thinking about doing a show for the health venues, but even before inviting the artists, I knew that Courage was much bigger than that and we must expand beyond that.  And yet, some of the first responses to the question danced around sickness. Why is that? Do we fear sickness and death more than anything else, or are we just living in a society that has so many illnesses around us that it has become a part of the everyday struggle to keep going?  Maybe a bit of both for some.  For some of the artists, it was a challenge to address a subject matter that we don't normally think of when setting down to create art or a painting to sell. That makes this exhibit important and worth seeing...not everything you see would be expected in the main stream of beauty art and yet every piece is beautiful and real.

The new pieces are a mix..somewhat of a trade of space in content....some artists painted very light hearted the first time around and are addressing more thought provoking issues this time around and vice versa.....I really like this group of hearts that are moving through this process together....I am looking forward to hearing what this has all meant to them at the end......knowing that it was all done as a gift, to as many people as we could reach..and what they got out of it.

I keep asking my heart, What will be the next question you ask of your fellow artists?
And Who will come along for the ride the next time????

Well, I have asked an entirely different group a different question....we will see how that pans out...:)