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2011 Artists: Kathy Brusnighan, Jean Smith, Karen Newman Fridy, Phyllis Sharpe, Tom Edgerton, Scott Harris, Carol Hamlin, Vicki Johnson, Carol Meetz-Moates, Connie Logan, Jeanne Twilley, Alice Bachman,Rose Wenkle, Beverly Smith Wilson, Amos Westmoreland, Ron Curlee

2015 Artists: Kathy Brusnighan, Jean Smith, Phyllis, Karen newman Fridy, Vicki Johnson, Carol Meetz-Moates, Amos Westmoreland, Amy Cruz, Karl Fletcher, Nicci Mellor, Grace Carol Bomer, Pattie Anne Hale, Karen Shelton, Jeremy Sams, Sally Lambrecht, Wayne Epperly, Chip Bristol, Lee O'Hare, Sheila Williams, Carrie Bennett, Kathy Ammon

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Courage II-launched!

Isn't it amazing to watch a single "yes" turn into 4 years of adventure?!

The second Courage exhibit was launched in May of this year with a small 24 piece exhibit at the Yadkin Cultural Center in Yadkinville, NC and then moved to the Center for Creative leadership where most the 67 piece exhibit is on display. When the exhibit opened, we again broke all attendance records for a show in this space!  It has been well received and several of the pieces have already sold at this location.  The exhibit will be removed in November and we will then start on our next adventure!

The exhibit will be displayed in the month of December at the new Gallery 320 in
Greensboro, NC.  The new location, 421 W. Smith Street, will open its doors with this exhibit on December 11th with refreshments, music and a invitation to the community to come in and enjoy excellence for the evening!

I could not bear to see the exhibit stored for the month of December, and since this whole adventure started by showing a few pieces of art at a local hospital in December of 2011, it is only right that this expanded expression of art be on display!


 Please check us out on facebook to know what we are doing, where the exhibit is showing and how you can be a part of the adventure! 
I hope you will join the blog and help us get the word out!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A New Perspective

Its been a long time...life runs fast and runs away with the childlike wonder of the every day miracles....and I have to grab my world by the throat and demand stillness to come back into my day....Isn't that funny and disturbing at the same time? knowing that I have to make a demand on my soul to pay attention to the stillness?! 

Life gets so cluttered with the lies of the day: what has to be taken care of, what is most important, and what is expected..... Life demands that we keep moving forward and pick up the pieces that seem to be laying all over the floor of daily life and no one seems to see them or care about picking them up and so the "shoulds" of life, say "here, grab this and keep moving forward" .....

This is one of the biggest stumbling blocks of the day...those of us that seem to want it all "right" , step over into something that is not ours at all and we become carriers of strife, resentment and weariness.  All of the negative weight begins to pull us down into the ocean of fear and bitterness and we go down for the count.  We have fallen into the trap that was set. All is lost.  Or is it??????

Life is a school, a daily school, that is filled with obvious lessons and the not so obvious-deep life changing lessons- that can surface in the stillness and save us from the destruction of the ocean we have fallen in to. 

The beautiful stillness, the child like wonder of just being, that can only be found when we choose it, is the reset button of life! Perspective!! Perspective is changed in stillness!!!

When I look at the picture above, it reminds me that perspective is everything!  Why look at the world straight on..-the obvious_..like the everyday masses see it......but laying on your back, looking up at the situation can give you a completely new perspective!

I love to turn on my music and just lay down on the couch, or even better, the floor and still my mind.  When I am in the habit of stillness, my heart and mind can align with the quiet of my creator and bring me into a new perspective quickly.....when I have been running hard and listening to life, the ability to find stillness is so much harder...........BUT! it is the Father's desire to meet us and give us the right perspective so it is worth it!

What do you see? When i look at the pictures, the first thing I see is vunerability! Having to place myself in a position that takes a lot of trust!
And Welcome the view that is not my norm!

Welcome a perspective that is only experienced in stillness, venerability, and teachability! 
I can't learn from this perspective if I hold on to my own views!

I am needing a new perspective today, a new understanding of life and love, what is important to my Heavenly Father and what He wants me to see today......I am sure it has more love and more compassion that I am currently carrying around and lots of rhythm and joy with creation......It sounds much more pleasant than what life wants me to carry..................I think the Father's perspective is worth the effort today............Here I come Father....give me your view on today...........